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Winning a jury trial, regardless of substance, means individual jurors must recognize and choose between two versions of fact. Before and during trial, both client and counsel focus on issues of law and procedure, yet jury decisions are only partially determined by the letter of statutes or the forms of court. Verdicts are shaped by unanticipated attitudes, perceptions and experiences of jurors, the clash of styles, small prejudices and seemingly insignificant points which neither intuitive sense nor legal training can anticipate.

Trial Practices, Inc. Mock TrialA science has evolved in courtroom practice that begins to address the unpredictability of these human factors -- a science not taught in the substantive study of law, but rather one that involves sociological and culturally based thought processes of jurors. Ongoing analytic evaluation of the human stories which frame a trial can significantly assist counsel in developing effective legal themes and strategies.

Trial Practices, Inc. is led by Harvey A. Moore, Ph.D., past Director of the University of South Florida Human Resources Institute and former Deputy Director for Research at the Florida Mental Health Institute. Using proven scientific techniques, Trial Practices analyzes litigation issues and advises clients and attorneys on every facet of case development. From presentation techniques to jury selection or trial monitoring, our firm assists in the development and prediction of courtroom decision processes.

We do not offer legal representation or engage in the practice of law. Effort is focused on timely assistance to trial practitioners and clients before and during litigation through such methods as field work, focus groups, jury simulations, witness preparation, mock trials and courtroom observation.

Trial Practices, Inc. is prepared for trial anywhere in the United States. All research, consultation, and support activity is conducted on site in the actual venue.Congratulations Steve Maher, Dan Cotter & John Jones (Maher, Guiley & Maher) $10,000,000 victory on behalf of Joey Minnotti in Robert and Wendy Minnotti v. Joseph J. Keeley, Jr. and Florida Physicians Medical Group. Defense wins! Congratulations to Ben Reid (Carlton Fields), Larry Brock (Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel) and Thom Parker (Bell Helmets, Inc.) in Giro Sports Design International, et al. adv. Jones. Congratulations Dale Swope, Lisha Bowen & Howard Kay in Lieux vs. Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, Inc. $5,000,000 jury verdict for plaintiff! Congratulations to Mark Wright in Lewis v. Geico, $1,274,000!; Congratulations Lyann Goudie and Fred Zinober (Cohen, Jayson & Foster), $15,000,000 in Lai Chau v. Remington Properties, LLC.; Congratulations Steve Maher in Cantor v. Boca Raton Community Hospital. Congratulations Don Conwell (Fowler White)! Winghouse adv. Hooters, defense wins plus $1,200,000 counter-claim victory. Success Again! Chad Moore & Joe Varner, Perry v. Shah, $1,000,000. Trident/ HCA, Congratulations Steve Yerrid! Hiscock v. CTL Dist., $33,800,000 in reparations. Congratulations Chris Knopik and Chad Moore! Larry v. Azenha, M.D.; $7,600,000 or full restitution.

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